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Symposium Patristicum Fennicum Sextum

Homilies in Context


Faculty of Theology, Faculty Hall (5th floor)

Vuorikatu 8, Helsinki


Opening words (Anni Maria Laato)

10.00    Siiri Toiviainen, Not Quite Rights: A Stoic Tension in Basil of Caesarea's Homilies on Poverty and Philanthropy

10.30    Timo Nisula, Augustine: How to Preach on Sex?

11.00    Anthony Dupont, On the Pulpit of Hippo Regius: The Study of Augustine’s Sermons, their Context and Reception History (*)

11.45    Discussion

12.15    Lunch break

13.30    Anna-Liisa Tolonen, Being/Becoming Scripture: Melito’s Easter Homily and Other Works in Schøyen Ms 193

14.00    Anni Maria Laato, Isaiah as an Evangelist in Early Latin Homilies

14.30    Fr Damaskinos Olkinuora of Xenophontos, Interaction between the Preacher and His Audience in Middle Byzantine Preaching: Andrew of Crete and John of Damascus

15.15    Coffee break

15.45    Tuukka Kauhanen, Textual Variation in the Old Testament and Early Christian Sermons

16.15   Jesse Keskiaho, Signs of Reading in Latin Manuscripts of Homilies in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

17.00   Suomen Patristisen Seuran vuosikokous (in Finnish)

* Anthony Dupont is Research Professor in Christian Antiquity, and a member of the Research Unit History of Church and Theology at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven. He published two monographs and several articles about the interrelated topics of divine grace and human freedom in the writings of Augustine of Hippo, and in particular in his Sermones ad populum. Currently Anthony Dupont studies the development of the doctrine of sin and grace in North African theology.